April 9, 2020

Market Report for Bridgwater - Winnipeg Neighbourhood Report

Real estate market conditions for the Bridgwater area in Winnipeg. Is now a good time to buy or sell in Bridgwater?

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[00:00:00] Is now a good time to buy or sell in Bridgwater? Let's find out. [00:00:03][3.3]

[00:00:07] You're listening to the Bo Knows Real Estate Podcast. Tips and advice for home buyers, sellers and owners with award winning Remax agent Bo Kauffmann. [00:00:17][9.9]

[00:00:21] I've been producing Winnipeg real estate market updates for many years. It's a great way to see what's going on in our city, but real estate is even more local than that. Each neighborhood can have their own unique market conditions. So if you're curious about your area in Winnipeg. Email me at boknowshomes@gmail.com, And I'll create a special report just for you. So let's take a look at Bridgewater at the beginning of April 2020. [00:00:45][24.6]

[00:00:46] As far as detached homes go and homes that are finished and constructed, not under construction. There's currently 112 houses for sale in Bridgwater. The majority of them are between the 400 and $700000 range. So there's 29 houses between four and five hundred and 33 between five and six hundred. And the prices go all the way up to just shy of $2 million. [00:01:09][23.0]

[00:01:10] Currently, there are five homes that are under pending sales, meaning that they've got offers and they've been accepted. But the buyer just maybe hasn't gotten their financing yet. So there's five conditionally sold at this point. [00:01:21][10.8]

[00:01:22] While over the last two weeks there's been two final sales, both of them in the four to five hundred thousand dollar price range and both of them sold at just under list price. So there was no multiple offers and no bidding wars in those sales. [00:01:34][12.5]

[00:01:35] Looking back over the last month, including those two sales I mentioned earlier, there's have been a total of 15 sold over the last month, 8 of them in the four to five hundred thousand dollar range. 6 of those sold under last 2 sold over lists and 6 homes in the five to six hundred thousand dollar range. Again, 5 under list, 1 over list. And then the the other sale, a 15th sale was in the six to seven hundred thousand dollar price range, also sold just under list. [00:02:01][26.7]

[00:02:02] But this final stat is perhaps the most important one because it's compare sales this year as opposed to the same 31 day period over the last three years. That'll tell us whether the market has changed with a crew on a virus has anything to do with that. So this year, including those five pending sales, we've sold 20 homes in that 31 day period. Last year was 28 and the year before was 31. And then in 2017, it was 23. So we are slower than each of those years. Not by much, but there is a bit of a drop right now in the Bridgewater area. [00:02:35][33.1]

[00:02:35] So in summary for Bridgewater, with 112 listings available, the lowest one at 380 and the highest one just shy of $2 million. Bridgewater and South Pointe are excellent buyers markets right now. So if you're looking to buy a home in Bridgewater Trails, Forest, Lakes or South Pointe, a Prairie Pointe, give me a call 204-333-2202. [00:02:35][0.0]


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