May 6, 2023

Home Buyers: Whats the difference between being a customer and a client?

Hello…this is Bo Kauffmann of Remax in Winnipeg, with your real estate news for… Saturday, May 6h, 2023…


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As a home buyer, do you know the difference between being a customer and being a client?


If you’re going to open houses or calling different agents asking them to show you their listings, you are a ‘customer’.


The agent you are speaking with is required, by law, to do his best for his home-seller. As such, the agent only owes you honest answers to direct questions.

The agent is actually required to tell his home-seller any information he learns about you. 


However, if you are working with your own home-buyer agent, you are now, in law, considered a client. YOUR agent owes you certain responsibilities and duties, such as protecting your privacy and financial interest.


Here is the kicker: There is no monetary cost to being moving from being a customer, to becoming a client.


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