April 22, 2020

Wellington Cr. Condo Market Report

Local Market Report for Condos on Wellington Cr, Winnipeg

Looking at the market for condos on Wellington Cr in Winnipeg.  Is now a good time to buy or sell one?

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Condos on Wellington Crescent is now a good time to buy or sell one. Let's find out. You're listening to the Bo Knows real estate podcast tips and advice for home buyers Sellers and owners with award-winning Remax Agent Bow Kaufman. I've been producing Winnipeg real estate market updates for many years. It's a great way to see what's going on in our city. But real estate is even more local than that. Each neighborhood can have their own unique market conditions. So if you're curious about your area and Winnipeg email me at Bono's Homes at gmail.com, and I'll create a special report just for you. Alright, so the Wellington Crescent area is known for a lot of things very beautiful eclectic. Nice area great for walking, but one  of the things its known  for is its variety of condos and you have condos ranging from the mid 100's all the way up to the million-dollar plus so let's take a look at what that market looks like now and that's April 22nd 2020.


There are currently twenty two condos available on Wellington Crescent three between a hundred and two hundred thousand eight of them between two and three hundred thousand six between three and four hundred thousand to between four and five hundred thousand. And then it jumps up to the six to seven hundred thousand dollar range. There are two there and one is just shy of $900,000 now next. We normally look at how many have sold in the past two weeks and how many are currently pending sale? Well now there are no pending sales and none of them have sold in the past two weeks. So we jump to the Past 31 days


where we see that two condos have sold in the past month one between two and three hundred and one between three and four hundred both of them sold the Under asking price to less than full asking price, which is not unusual for condos. If we want to know whether or not the coronavirus has an impact on the market. We need to compare this time period to the same time period over the past couple of years and here we see that in the past 31 days as I said with sold to condos on Wellington Crescent while last year the same time period we sold for however the year before that we only sold one and in 2017 again we sold for so in this market does not appear to be a huge impact being made by the current conditions. So to answer the question is now a good time to buy a condo or Winnipeg in general has been a great buyers market for condos for the past few years certainly


that holds true for welding and Crescent as well with 22 listings price between the mid hundred and seventy thousand dollar range all the way up to just shy of 900,000. There is a lot of condos out there just looking for buyers. So if you're looking to buy a condo where there's on Wellington Crescent or anywhere in the city, give me a shout. It spoke. Man Remax Performance Tool for triple 3 2 2 and hey, if you're still with me at this point, why not grab my free podcasting app available for IOS and Android devices? It's super easy. Just go to Winnipeg dot tips / apple / or Android that's Winnipeg dot t-- I PS / apple or / Android that way you'll never miss another episode about Winnipeg real estate or both. You've been listening to Bo Kauffmann of RE/MAX performance Realty.


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