April 18, 2022

(EP: 164) Storage For Your Stuff - Winnipeg Storage Solutions

[00:00:00] Bo Kauffmann - Real Estate Agent: Do you have too much stuff in your house? What do you do with it? Today? Would talk temporary storage solutions. That's coming up next to Winnipeg's real estate podcast.

[00:00:26] Bo Kauffmann: Hello, everybody Bo Kauffmann from here from Remax performance Realty with another great episode of Winnipeg's real estate podcast.  It's been said that the more room you have, the more stuff you accumulate, I can verify that, but there'll come a time when we all run out of room. My current hobby is scotch and cigars. and luckily that doesn't take a lot of room

By the way, we have an upcoming fundraiser, a scotch and cigar sampling right here in Winnipeg on June 18th. That's the father's day weekend, but it's a Saturday.  And it has a twist to it. I know there's lots of scotch and cigar events around, but this one has a bit of a bonus.

You actually get to enjoy the cigar because we're holding it inside. Thomas Hinds new sampling lounge, and they're licensed to allow smoking. So tickets are very limited because there's only 46 seats. If you're looking for tickets, give me a shout. They're going fast. June 18. And there was a five o'clock sitting and an eight o'clock sitting.  And the eight o'clock is just about sold out.

Maybe you've got a hobby collecting sewing machines, or your collection of old pinball machines are starting to take up too much room. What do you do? Or perhaps you're going to sell your house and you need to just temporarily declutter a need some temporary storage.

Whatever your reasons. There are storage solutions that have popped up all over town, ready to serve your storage needs. And today we're going to speak with Claire Coppens business manager of total storage right here in Winnipeg. I'm going to ask her a few questions.

Hi, Claire. How are you today?


[00:01:52] Bo Kauffmann: Okay, let's get right into it. What kind of people are, are your customers who use a storage facility?

[00:01:59] Clair Coppens  I would say that the most popular reason people are coming to tool storage, like for a self storage unit are big milestones in their lives, like buying a new home or waiting for a new home to be built. Or oftentimes we have see like death of a loved one.  And they're trying to find space to put those belongings for a shorter or long time.

[00:02:17] Bo Kauffmann: Right. Okay. Yeah, certainly I can get behind the idea of using storage to put your extra stuff, especially if you're downsizing or even up-sizing like your, you want to store it until you find a new home and then decide what you want to do with about you've been around for 10 years, you're telling me, but what do people look for when they want to select a self storage facility?

[00:02:36] Claire Coppens - Business Manager: So I would say that the first thing to look for, if you're going to see a unit is if the facility is clean, like, are the hallway swept, are the units dusted and, you know, Ask other tenants there too. Like if they find the facility clean, the second thing I would say is, do you feel safe there? You know, you're putting a lot of your, your special items there.

Is there a gate? What's the security like, is there cameras, do you need a code? What kind of locks are they asking you to put on the unit? And then third, it's just, do you feel welcomed there? Right. Do you feel like the staff cares that you and your items are there and you're not just a customer of theirs, you know, are they going to go the extra mile to make sure that your belongings are safe and well taken care of while you can't take care of them?

[00:03:16] Bo Kauffmann - Real Estate Agent: Okay. So a question came to mind is do people have access to their stuff 24 7? Or are you just open during certain business hours?

[00:03:23] Claire Coppens - Business Manager: Once you've rented a unit at 12 strategy, you have 24 hour access that's included in your rent and you can come and go as you please. But of course we do have those security features that you need to get through before you can go to your unit.

[00:03:33] Bo Kauffmann - Real Estate Agent: Excellent. Okay. Good. Excellent. So, and I understand you have climate control. Do you also have non climate controlled and really what's the difference? So we offer

[00:03:41] Claire Coppens - Business Manager: both climate control. The non-climate control would be more of like a garage style where there's a roll up door and you put your items in and there's no control of temperature, humidity.

[00:03:51] Claire Coppens - Business Manager: And the climate controlled is, is more like storing an items in a house. So they're there in an interior space. The temperatures controlled

[00:03:58] Bo Kauffmann - Real Estate Agent: now, obviously one's going to be more expensive than the other. And we don't have to get into dollars, but if you have a garage that's not climate controlled or a similar space, that's climate controlled, roughly how much more would the climate control be?

Would it be double or will it be 20% more?

[00:04:15] Claire Coppens - Business Manager: No. The prices is pretty similar actually. Like, so for example, our, our five by fives and non climate controlled, the $70. And the climate controlled is 75. So it’s comparable.

[00:04:24] Bo Kauffmann - Real Estate Agent: The price you quoted was per month.

[00:04:28] Claire Coppens - Business Manager: So a total storage when you move in is your anniversary date and your payment is always due on that date.

[00:04:33] Bo Kauffmann - Real Estate Agent: Okay, cool. Now, besides self storage, do you guys offer anything else?

[00:04:37] Claire Coppens - Business Manager: Yeah, absolutely. We sell boxes and packing supplies, like mattress bags, tape Reusable tote. So rather than having to, to purchase that yourself you can rent them. And then if that is green, right, we're recycling the boxes. We make sure that they're clean.

[00:04:49] Claire Coppens - Business Manager: We also do this service called marketplace, where if you are looking to get rid of a few items, we will do like. Like picture taking and posting and dealing with all the offers and sell it on your behalf or a commission. And then we donate 20% of that sale to charities. Okay. Oh,

[00:05:04] Bo Kauffmann - Real Estate Agent: nice. Okay. Yeah, I understand.

[00:05:06] Bo Kauffmann - Real Estate Agent: You guys are like a sister company to total moving.

[00:05:10] Claire Coppens - Business Manager: Yeah, exactly. Yeah. So we have the storage space and total moving is the brawn.,

[00:05:14] Bo Kauffmann - Real Estate Agent: I suppose. Excellent. So do you ever auction stuff off like they do on storage wars?

[00:05:18] Claire Coppens - Business Manager: We do get, it's not nearly as, as dramatic storage wars. It's of course we want people to have their items, right.

[00:05:26] Claire Coppens - Business Manager: The last thing that we want to do is auction it, but if it does get to that point we do auction our items. It's on bid 13, and if you want to see our past auctions, you can visit our website. Total moving, excuse me, toll storage, wooden pig.ca. And we also have an email list if you wanted to be notified of when our next auction is

[00:05:43] Bo Kauffmann - Real Estate Agent: Okay. Now I assume that these auctions would be mostly for people that kind of abandoned their stuff, stop paying, or, or just left, left stuff behind that might not even be valuable to them anymore. They just left it right. Abandoned.

[00:05:56] Claire Coppens - Business Manager: Yeah, if they stop paying and then we can't contact them to set up a payment plan to reunite them with their items.

[00:06:01] Bo Kauffmann - Real Estate Agent: Okay. So is there a final tip that you would give anybody looking for storage?

[00:06:06] Claire Coppens - Business Manager: Absolutely. Yeah. I think the number one thing that people are not taking advantage of in storage is making use of all the vertical space in the units. Right. So you're laying your items out on the ground. Like it gets some shelving, you know, use the reusable tote so you can stack them easily and make sure you're using every square foot.

People have to, I guess, provide their own shelving kind of thing. These units are not shelved.

[00:06:25] Claire Coppens - Business Manager: Yeah, there is no shelving in the units. We're actually looking for like, looking into like offering shelving as something that you can purchase or possibly rent from us. So that could be a next step….makes sense.

[00:06:34] Bo Kauffmann - Real Estate Agent: Are they all the same height? Like five by five by how tall?

[00:06:41] Claire Coppens - Business Manager: So some of them are a little bit taller than others. They range from about eight to 11 feet.

[00:06:44] Bo Kauffmann - Real Estate Agent: Okay. Where are you located at?

[00:06:47] Claire Coppens - Business Manager: We're at 21 Bloomberg trails, about two minutes past the perimeter on the number one in Headingley. We're right across the motel six.

Okay. And you guys have a business phone number?

[00:06:56] Claire Coppens - Business Manager: People can reach you at 2 0 4 8 3 2 8 1 8 1.

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